Throughout my varied career, there has been one constant: communication. I’m good at it. I even studied it—earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. The career that followed saw me holding a hotel clipboard instead of a microphone, but I still managed to take the occasional dive into the comms side of the hotel industry… and completed two temporary assignments with the PR department at head office.

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As a hobby, I joined the blogging craze of the aughts. It slowly yielded to microblogging on Facebook and Twitter. (In a sense, it had to. Blogging can take up a great deal of time. But it’s not without its benefits!*)

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In 2009, I had the chance to take a new career path. I discovered an unrealized passion for creativity, so I got a diploma in print and web design. The next phase of my career was instructional design and web design for a large corporation in Toronto. Communication was a huge part of that, too—whether it was writing copy for our Intranet sites or helping a trainer convert an in-class course to an online learning module.

I started in 2017 with the belief that good communication can help fix problems. What is good communication? It’s clear and concise. It’s a website that gets information to its users fast and makes sense to search engines.

That website should perform well on my smartphone and my desktop computer. The only difference is the screen size—not the message; not the experience.

The same is true for people who don’t access the Web like I do—for example, someone with a visual disability using a screen reader. I want the entire audience to receive the same message!

Good communication makes use of social media to help customers with their busy lives—by making something easier or simply by making them smile.

I have the experience and knowledge to help your business in the rapidly-changing online world. Join me!

*A blog can be a powerful way to lead potential customers to your company’s website. Ask me how!